Hello and welcome to my blogging site. I am, as you would have read on my home page, a 14-year-old student who has a passion for writing about politics and current affairs. I have set up this website so that I can gain experience in writing about things I have a strong opinion about. I would like to become a journalist when I am older so I thought that blogging would be an ideal way to learn and practise how to write.

I am a Queens Park Rangers FC season ticket holder and a massive fan of my beloved football club.

I play cricket at district level and aim to play at amateur premier league level. I love everything about cricket: watching, playing and being involved in my club.

I mainly write about politics and current affairs and will post blogs about anything that pops up on the news that catches my attention.

I may have very strong views on some topics, so please do not feel affended or take my opinions the wrong way.

Please feel free to offer any of your advice on blogging or writing in general; it will always be appreciated.

Finally, thank you for reading my blogs. Please subscribe to my website as it will be very much appreciated.

Thank you,