Climate Change/Global Warming Needs to be Classed as a Real Threat

I have some pretty strong views about the environment and climate change etc.

I think the government needs to class Climate Change/Global Warming as a real threat now.

Here are some shocking facts about climate change and global warming:

  • 3 football pitches’ worth of rainforest is being logged every second. This damages animals habitats and the ecosystems. This is very dangerous as animals will not be able to reproduce and therefore, more species will become extinct.
  • The Telegraph have said that humans will live underwater in 100 years’ time due to the ice caps melting, causing sea levels to rise.
  • In 30-50 years’ time Britain could be as hot as Spain is now. This will severely affect people as many will not be ready for the rapid change. Consequently, many people may become ill.
  • Humans emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the absorbing rates of the oceans and plants.

These are just are few of many unbelievable facts about climate change and global warming that could put the human race at a serious risk.

The ozone layer is being torn apart. The ozone layer is a protective sheet if you like in the Earth’s stratosphere. It holds a high concentration of ozone, which absorbs the majority of the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The breaking down of the ozone layer is a negative impact as when the ultraviolet radiation reaches us it has catastrophic impacts to our bodies. When the ultraviolet radiation reaches us it will be even worse as numerous amounts of people will be affected by it. UV radiation is the main cause of sunburn, early ageing and eye and skin damage (which can lead to skin cancer). When this affects all of us, in the relatively near future, death rates will increase and more people will become ill.

It’s also quite worrying that the President Elect of the USA thinks that global warming is a con!

In my opinion, politicians need to be more aware of the severity of these threats as there needs to be more awareness to climate change and global warming. For example, I would like to see some more encouragement towards recycling. I also think that young people should be made aware of these issues and STOP LITTERING!!!

The world is changing – not for the better. Help save it.


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One thought on “Climate Change/Global Warming Needs to be Classed as a Real Threat

  1. What’s worrying about Trumps head of the EPA is he’s a climate change denier and is a business men close to the fossil fuel industry if they start tearing up the G8 agreements on climate control the effects will be quick and long lasting .

    Also the amount of meat the western world consumes is one of the huge factors in land use being changed to feed so many cattle . Try Veganuary – if we all ate less meat it would help

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