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Hello everyone! This is my very first blog. I hope to blog every couple of weeks or so, so please subscribe to my blogs.

Anyway, this blog is going to be about the EU referendum and the aftermath of it, including the next couple of years.

I couldn’t vote as I am only 14 but I would have voted to remain.

I thought that we would be safer economically and have stronger European allies such as France and Germany.

Obviously, David Cameron resigned as PM because the UK voted to leave and he was a “remainer”. Following this, Thereasa May became PM and still is.

Thereasa May has said that there will not be another General election until 2020, which is wrong in my opinion as she was not voted in by the British public as PM.

She is also being very awkward with a “hard” or “soft” brexit. I think that she should just get on with triggering article 50 and the negotiations period because otherwise she is just going to get on the EU’s nerves because she is faffing about. I know full well that it could be quite a delicate period with our European allies and the EU but we are not really going anywhere at the moment.

The pound’s value has fallen drastically and there has been speculation about our access to the single market. Before the referendum I said that if we leave, we are going to struggle with our economy – it’s bad enough already! I have stood by my word ever since and still believe that, when we leave the EU fully, it is going to take time to rebuild the pound and our economy.

I also think that we are going to struggle to get along with our European allies and that  friction could create some heat with them. I think it is important that our future PMs make sure that we keep allies such as France, Germany and the U.S close.

As for our borders, well, don’t get me started! We already had enough control of our borders. We have a secure border control system and we can feel safe in that. Immigrants help our economy like Lionel Messi helps Barcelona. One of the things that got me really annoyed was all the UKIP and Tory MPs saying “let’s take back control” and whatever; we already have control!!!

Anyway, that’s my little rant about the EU referendum that took place in the UK in June 2016.

I hope you enjoyed reading it :)!!!!!!

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Thanks a lot!



5 thoughts on “My blogs

  1. Spot the BETHS influence. Left there 1975. Did have a vote and voted in to “common market”.
    I votedto remain. As Ken Clark says and also the Thatcher woman democracy particularly referendom doesnt work. People vote for totally different reasons. Total nightmare.
    Problem u av is lack of true information facts rules laws etc. Sadly many viewed no vote as leaving a club cancel aub and walk away.
    I do feae for the future but have hopes that sensible youngsters like you will see us through this mess.
    Keep up good work. G.

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  2. It’s brilliant that you’re involved and care. It’s you’re world to inherit. Make it a better place for everyone. I’ll get Catherine to read it she’s very politically minded too.


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